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ITV 4 +1
Tuesday 18 January 2011 4:04PM
Haywards Heath

Email to:
Date; 18/01/2011

Dear Sir,
I notice that your ITV4+1 channel has been removed from SKY's E.P.G., but can still tune into the channel manually.
(10714Hz, horizontal, 22 MBaund, 5/6 FEC.)

If you are not closing this channel, can you please ask Sky to add it to Syk's EPG.

Yours faithfully,


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ITV 4 +1
Tuesday 18 January 2011 4:14PM
Haywards Heath

Should be 10832Hz above and not 10714Hz

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ITV 4 +1
Thursday 20 January 2011 10:33AM
Haywards Heath

Report it missing to ITV at

The more people report it the more presser ITV will put on Sky to return it to their EPG.

On a different subject.
I see that Sky Atlantic is starting on channel 108.
So where is Sky3 going?
Having Sky1, 2 and 3 together and in order is logical.
So are they moving the channel number or closing down Sky3 and Sky3+1!

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ITV 4 +1
Thursday 20 January 2011 12:56PM
Haywards Heath

I have just found the new Sky EPG list as from 1/02/2011.
ITV4+1 is still not listed.
and Sky2 noving to 129, Sky3 to 152.

Will this make it easer to find channels?

103 ITV1
104 Channel 4 / S4C
105 Five
106 Sky 1 (HD)
107 Sky Living (HD)
108 Sky Atlantic (HD)
109 Watch
110 GOLD
111 Dave
112 ComedyCentral (HD)
113 Universal (HD)
114 Syfy (HD)
117 Channel 4 (Wales only)
118 ITV2 (HD)
119 ITV3 (HD)
120 ITV4 (HD)
121 Sky Living+1
122 Sky Livingit
123 Sky Livingit+1
124 FX (HD)
125 Challenge
126 MTV
127 ComedyCentral+1
128 ComedyCentralX
129 Sky2
130 Sky Living Loves
131 ITV1+1
132 Alibi
133 Gold+1
134 S4C
135 Channel 4+1 (UK) & Channel 4 (ROI)
136 E4 (UK) & Channel 4+1 (ROI)
137 E4 +1 (UK) & E4 (ROI)
138 More 4 (UK) & E4 +1 (ROI)
139 More 4+1 (UK) & More 4 (ROI)
140 Channel 4 HD, More 4+1 (ROI)
141 BBC1 N Ireland (ROI)
142 BBC2 N Ireland (ROI)
143 BBC One HD
144 Discovery Max
145 Discovery Max+1
146 CBS Reality
147 CBS Reality +1
148 CBS Action
149 CBS Drama
150 Universal+1
151 E! Entertainment
152 Sky3
153 Sky3+1
154 Quest
155 Watch+1
156 Biography
157 Film 24
158 Dave ja vu
159 MTV+1
160 Sky Slot TBA (Possibly 'Challenge+1)
161 RTE1 (N Ireland)
162 RTE2 (N Ireland)
163 TG4 (N Ireland)
164 FX
165 FX+
166 Information TV
167 Quest+1
168 BBC Alba
169 BBC HD
170 Sky1
171 Five HD
172 Sky Living
173 Sky Atlantic
174 Five USA
175 Five USA+1
176 Fiver
177 Fiver+1
178 ITV1 HD
179 ITV2+1
180 ITV3+1
183 Current TV
184 Ben
187 AIT International
188 True Entertainment
189 Information TV+1
190 Open Access 3
191 Bet
193 Sky Slot TBA
195 Propeller
198 Bet+1
199 OHTV
200 Controversial TV
201 Showcase
203 Showcase 2
204 HITV
205 Syfy+1
206 Discovery Max+2
209 Alibi+1
211 Biography HD
212 Sumo TV
214 Syfy
215 E4
217 Sky 3D
218 Vox Africa
219 My Channel
220 Universal
221 OBE
222 Comedy Central
223 Sky Slot TBA
224 Sky Slot TBA
225 ITV2
226 ITV3
227 ITV4
228 Sky Slot TBA
229 New Sky Slot TBA
230 New Sky Slot TBA

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ITV 4 +1
Thursday 20 January 2011 6:42PM
Haywards Heath

I received the following email reply from ITV today.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding carriage of ITV4+1 on the Sky platform.
In order to offer the new ITV1+1 service on Sky, ITV4+1 is no longer available on the Sky platform. We hope to be able to re-launch ITV4+1 on Sky in the near future. In the meantime, ITV4 remains available on Sky channel 120.
May we take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to contact ITV Viewer Services. If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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ITV 4 +1
Saturday 22 January 2011 6:10PM
Haywards Heath

If there are "No new EPG slots" on Sky (which I find hard to believe) then here are some ideas to free up some slots.

1; On Sky 970 and Sky 998, both point to the same channel "Sky Intro".
So remove 970 to give us one more slot.

2; Channel 321 and 322 point to True Movies 1 and True Movies 2.
Most/all of the time these channels have no picture and break up.
So if they can't transmit them at the same power as all the other stations, then remove them from the EPG.

3; There is no proper EPG with the radio stations.
So have one new TV channel with a text service. Then have a text page to select the radio station.
This would work in the same way as the BBC iText selects one of it's news streams.
This would give us 75 more EPG slots, minus one slot for the new TV channel.

4; If ITV4 had a text service, then it could have one page to display ITV4+1 as a stream and a page listing the programs.

We can view ITV4+1 on Freesat (Not FSFS). But switching between Freesat and Sky to view all the different channels can be a pain.

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Feedback | Feedback
Saturday 22 January 2011 7:02PM
Haywards Heath

This week ITV3 is on channel 10 (Freeview, Multiplex A), 119 (Sky) or 115 (Freesat)
ITV3+1 is on 213 (Sky) or 116 (Freesat)
Can't remember Virgin channel number.
ITV 3 channel nunber will not change with Sky on the 1st of Feburary.
If you get your TV from a Freeview relay then you can't get ITV3.

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ITV 4 +1
Sunday 23 January 2011 4:16PM
Haywards Heath

Wolves Steve
ITV2+1, ITV3+1 and ITV4+1 all had some program gaps when they first started. But are OK now.
I expect they have to pay more money the more times they show a program, and bought some of them before they where 100% sure when the +1 channels where starting.
Jackpot Challenge could also be a bit confusing as they have already announced the answers on ITV1 before they ask the questions on ITV1+1.
I perfer ITV1+1 to ITVC4+1 but hope for both on the EPG one day.

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BBC Red button video now on Freesat | Freesat
Saturday 29 January 2011 5:48PM
Haywards Heath

I could never understand why the interactive videos weren't on Freesat from the beginning.
You could always tune into the video streams with any type of satellite receiver.
But as there can be up to 6 sound channels with some streams,
you could not always select the correct sound channel with some receivers.
Also some of the news streams where 6 videos on the same screen,
so made it hard to concentrate on one program when 6 where being shown.

I have always been able to get all six streams plus the mixed news streams (I think about 8 streams) without any Sky-encrypted code!

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DAB local radio gaps | Digital radio
Monday 31 January 2011 9:44AM
Haywards Heath

I think people are confusing the BBC World Service and the BBC Overseas Services.
The BBC World Survive is one station broadcasted in English on Short Wave to any country that can get it. (Also on medium wave in some countries)
A BBC overseas services is normally meant for just one country often spoken in their own language.

The overseas service to Malta was transmitted from Bush House in Maltese. This station was closed down a number of years ago.
But you can still receive the BBC World Service on short wave their in English.
I think they wish to close more overseas services, but doubt they will close the World Service even if it means closing local UK BBC radio stations first.
The World Service is the best way for the UK Government to give their points of view to other countries and bypass their media.

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