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Top line should be
20/10/2012 Saturday

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Sunday 21 October 2012 5:21PM

The last ever Ceefax testcard on BBC Two this Monday morning at 3:25am BST See BBC Two Ceefax, one and a half weeks after it ended. - YouTube

There is also Teletext service information.
Yes Ceefax on BBC Two, after the last BBC Two analogue signal has ended.

Set your video recorders.

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Sunday 21 October 2012 5:48PM

Should be 4:45am to 6:00am on Monday.

3:25am is this Friday when they will display a 'Programmes resume at 4.00am' caption.

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I have a video of the last Ceefax testcard shown on BBC Two digital this morning.
See The last few seconds of the last ever Ceefax testcard. - YouTube

The top line sad
152 CEEFAX 1 152 Mon 22 Oct ....
as used on BBC1 and not
152 CEEFAX 2 152 Mon 22 Oct ....

The page number was replaced with 010 ten minutes before the end, then 005, 003 and 001 as a countdown to the end.

The display used to display Teletext characters is the BBC Micro screen Mode 7.
This screen mode uses less memory than other screen modes, as each character is treated as a pixel.
The characters 0 to 255 are used to display a character, select a character colour or graphic colour.
See MODE 7 - BeebWiki

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Sunday 18 November 2012 4:19PM

ITV1 isw to drop the 1 and become ITV.
See….jpg ?imageUrl=/uploads/images/original/20528.jpg&width=580&height=350&quality=85&mode=crop">…crop

ITV Logo….jpg

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If anybody is just buying a Freeview box now ...
... but can't afford a new TV, or don't have room for another TV, you can view HD channels on your old SD TV set.

HD on a SD TV set.
The picture quality will be 'standard quality' and not 'high quality'.

There will be no advantage viewing the HD version of BBC1, ITV1 or Channel 4,
but you will get the BBC HD programs. (Until it turns into BBC2 HD).

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Feedback | Feedback
Friday 28 December 2012 7:16PM

Re: Hasan Loonat
You need two digital receiver to watch and / or record two different channels. Is it a Sky + box?
Most old analogue TV's and Video recorders had a built in analogue tuner, but if your current TV and recorder is plugged into the same digital box
and it only has one digital tuner then you can only view or record a single channel.
Try turning off your Sky box off at the mains for a few seconds, also check the cables are plugged in and no short circuits in the satellite cable.

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Upgraded viewing figures graph format
Thursday 3 January 2013 7:15PM

On the top graph (Terrestrial channels) you also have a white line from 2011 for Channel 4.
Is there no data for Channel 4 before 2011?
Surprised how big the Channel 5 figures are in the 90's due to the very very slow interdiction of this channel.
They only managed to finally transmit to the who country at the end of 2012.

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Sunday 6 January 2013 6:39PM

Digital text is ending on ITV and Channel 4 on 7/01/2013.
See Youtube
or text page 362

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On your mapsofvhf.php page you could also add a list of the VHF transmitters so visitors can click on the transmitter name as well as the map to visit a page.
Also next to the names have the channel number, power, vertical horizontal etc. in a table.
Name, Station, Location, Channel, V/H, Power
Crystal Palace, BBC London & South East, TQ 339712, 1, V, 200kW
Croydon, TQ IBA Theams / LWT, 332696, 9, V, 400-kW

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