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Hi there, I've been with sky for four years and never had many problems with my signal (even at two separate addresses in four years) and recently my sky box packed in saying no signal is being received. So I spent ages checking all my cables, dish, box, card you name it I checked it. I even soft and hard reset my box to no avail. So I rang sky up they said "oh yes we will help you! But it will cost you £65!" I replied no thanks. So I bought a second hand box from an old man near me and set it up again and it worked fine for about a week and now my second box is displaying the dreaded no signal problem!

This all seems very frustrating seen as sky sent me a letter not long ago reminding me that my warranty is about to expire and would I like to pay extra to cover faults should anything happen. I didn't bother and now look! Not one but both boxes have stopped working! I find it extremely hard to believe that both boxes should suffer the same fault within days of each other and after sky sent me a letter about warranty and now after the warranty has ran out, my sky boxes just happen to pack in.

Now I'm no conspiracy theorist but I mean it is a BIT OF A COINCIDENCE both my boxes stop working with the same fault? Has anyone else had this issue and if you did what did you do to resolve it?

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Hi JB38,

Thanks for the reply, I can see similar issues with the power supply, I have my dad player and play station on top of my sky box, but the vents on the sky box are on the sides so surely the heating dissipates out the sides?

I've looked online and it requires a few capacitors to be replaced as my 2nd hand box is a DRX890 model (Amstrad) and can only install capacitors as the "fix" which is fine I used to build and repair circuit boards, but i could do with some more information on this particular fault as now after your advise, my sky box is saying that it is still initialising, I left the box off as you suggested for nearly an hour, switched it back on and it has been initialising for nearly half an hour and now it still says it's not receiving a signal.

So do I just replace the capacitors (which will cost £10) which seems a little expensive just for capacitors in my opinion or do I just ring sky and get robbed of £65?

It's a shame because I've just signed up for another year in a new deal they offered, or do I not pay for reasons of I'm not getting what I'm paying for under the service of goods act (this may be incorrect but I'm sure there is a law out there that states if your not receiving a service your paying for then your entitled to a refund, it's like not getting a signal for your mobile phone etc) so I'm not sure what to do.

Any thoughts?

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