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BBC *is* PSB (Public Service Broadcasting) already, or is supposed to be. Many people like BBC1 programming and more like BBC2 and BBC4. Others like the News 24 service and so on.
The BBC commercial operation gains revenue that is used for more programming (or so they say).
The big problems with BBC seem to be a perceived leftist bias, news and current affairs reporting that is either partisan or carefully controlled, as well as science and technology reporting that is seen by some is only supporting the 'consensus' view and not allowing proper debate.
So I don't see where your £25 comes from.

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MikeB et al:
My point was that science is never 'settled' as it is always open to debate. There was an essay written by Isaac Asimov, and misquoted by Donald Rumsfeld, to the effect that "we know what we do know and we know what we do not know, but what we don't know what we don't know about what we don't know." So we should always allow for open scientific debate, and other areas too.
Most 'climate science' is generally agreed but there are still some sceptical climate scientists, so they should all allow free and open debate of the science and interpretation of the results.
We should also bear in mind the naming of the IPCC strongly suggests there could be a political agenda involved but denied.
As for me, I'm open minded about it. There are some questions about the data and its interpretation.
But this is not the forum for debate about AGW or 'climate change' or cyclic solar changes, etc.

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How can a relationship between a single man and a single woman be newsworthy? The only issue may be about whether the couple represent a security risk to Government information.

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Read this: Cabinet minister John Whittingdale had relationship
Thursday 14 April 2016 10:20PM

All this about a story that is over 4 years old! Tabloids like to dig up old stories and sensationalise them, as in this case. The House of Commons Standards committee as well as the Security services have looked at this matter some years ago when it first became known. They decided there was no risk and no story.

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