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Frank Lacey: Hi, The only transmitter that seems to be using Channel No.108 in the Brighton Area is Rowridge (based on the Isle of Wight) on UHF Channel 31 (554.0MHz).

This channel is ONLY broadcast from Com 7 Multiplex (one of the temporary HD Muxes!).

I do not think that this channel will be available from Whitehawk Hill in the foreseeable future!

A Couple of Questions: Have you got a Television that has an In-built HD TV Tuner and/or a HD Set-Top Box by any chance? And what direction is you Television Aerial pointing to?

Hope this helps,

Andrew :)

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Rowridge (Isle Of Wight, England) transmitter
Thursday 28 July 2016 11:25PM

Can someone tell me why on the Rowridge Transmitter all of the COM Muxes (on Vertical) have been put on reduced power, in e.r.p, (down from 200kW to 50kW)? I have cross-checked this information on's website and it tells me that all Muxes (on Vertical) are still at 200kW.

Is it that there is an error in the site or what?

I am at PO15 5LS for your information.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Murphy.

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Pete Forman: I agree with you Pete, I have an aerial in the loft on Midhurst, even though I am in the Catisfield area of Fareham and have much reduced field strengths than if I was in the principal service area, and have been expeiencing the lack of signal too.

It got so bad yesterday, I was forced to 'de-camp' back on to Rowridge. Even though the signals are 10x Stronger at Rowridge, than Midhurst, if using Vertical Polarisation, there were a few times that Rowridge was breaking up, but only for a few seconds at a time, so your right to put it down to atmospherics1 :)

I think the correct term is 'Tropospheric Ducting' if my memory serves me right; and the best course of action is to let the 'Lift Conditions' pass, as they say: 'Less is More'! :)

Hope this helps,

Andrew! :)

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Hi Briantist,

Thank you for your hard work in updating! :-)

Just a couple of things that I have seen are incorrect:

(1) - I am aware that PSB1 (BBC A) for Midhurst in West Sussex is on UHF Channel 48 (690.0MHz), not UHF Channel 55, as I was led to believe that UHF 55 and 56 were allocated for Com 7 and 8.

(2) - On the 'Channels' page, is the UK wide version of Channel 4 only for Wales, as it is displaying the Welsh flag next to it!

If you could fix them, that would be brilliant! :-)

Kind Regards,


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