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KEVIN GARDINER: I can't see how you would get any change to the DVB-T2 HD broadcasts because of the DAB system, they are unrelated.

However, the DVB-T2 system is backed up from the Intelsat 907 satellite. It could be that there are only stereo channels on the backup system.

The Intelsat 907 signals are only used when the bi-routed main fibre-optic feeds to the site are unavailable. It could be - and this is speculation - that there are power issues, or that the HD channels are being taken from 11495.00 on Intelsat 907.

Intelsat 907 (27.5?W) - All transmissions - frequencies - KingOfSat shows that the HD Multiplex feeds have ITV Central West HD so you wouldn't notice the "wrong region" problem that this backup system causes.

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David: I suspect the question you should be asking is "what time does my central heating go off at in the morning?".

This type of interference problem will be local to you because the transmitter output is constant.

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UK Free TV now uses friendly web addresses
Tuesday 4 November 2014 2:50PM

I have change the servers that we use on UK Free TV for the graphics.

They are all now the "new" type of instances that have SSD (solid state drives) rather than the usual spinning metal disk sort.

I have changed the code on this server to match that of the main one, so the link is a URI, rather than a URL with parameters.


This will allow the web browser to recognise the content as "static" more effectually. This should improve response times and reduce server load.

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Sorry to say, that there is a lot "wrong" with what you have written.

"The best bet would be to scrap ofcom (the enablers)"

Ofcom don't enable anyone, they do as they are required to by Parliament.

"and close down all channels and start again with just 5 channels plus a couple of movie
ones. "

This is called the "everyman fallacy". It's where you belive that what you want is what everyone else wants and you should get it and sod everyone else.

"Seriously do we need 4 channels broadcasting the same program at the same time then repeated 5 times a week ? The power wasted would solve global warming at a stroke. "

Transmission power is seriously nothing compared to the power required to light up the TV screen in people's homes. Also, the power levels of all Freeview services is much less than the analogue ones. And you get lots of services in the same "space" with digital services."

"NEWSFLASH for broadcasters: Repeating a program on a differentfrequency does NOT make it "NEW" "

I don't ever recall anyone saying this. The industry calls them "narrative repeats".

"The BBC is the worst every time a music video comes on some inane half-wit scribbles rubbish all over it. "

This is at the behest of the providers of the videos. They don't want clean copies of music videos being broadcast because that would remove the incentive for people to go and buy them. This is the same principle that happens on radio when DJs talk over the introductions to tunes.

"As for the movie-mix channel logo - the entire channel is unwatchable. "

But you know the name of the channel, so mission accomplished.

"and then there are the adverts. I recorded a harry potter documentary for the kids and the thing has 6 advert breaks in it. 6 ! "

You can always pay for the content without adverts as DVDs or streaming. How else is the programme paid for?

"And all this before you even think about unreliable set top boxes - appalling signal quality variations and an aerial the size of a planet stuck on a pole on the roof. And we don't even live out in the sticks. "

As the TV transmitters are "out in the sticks" is mainly homes in cities that need larger aerials. Of course, some people have been "oversold" large aerials when they are not needed.

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Wednesday 5 November 2014 6:09PM

johnson: According to Radio & Television Service there have been no problems at all in the last two days that could effect you.

I would see Freeview reception has changed? | - helping the UK with free TV reception since 2002 .

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Winter Hill (Bolton, England) transmitter
Sunday 9 November 2014 2:12PM

Anthony: not according to the official system... Can you check your end?

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The best of times for the BBC?
Tuesday 18 November 2014 1:12PM

craa22uk: It's the amount of each TV LIcence that was divered from the BBC for "pet projects".

In the first case this was "digital switchover",[1] but since that was done the same amount of money funds "fast rural broadband systems" - see BBC licence fee held at 145.50 until 2016

[1] TV tax on the TV tax | - helping the UK with free TV reception since 2002

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Pikpilot: Of course, this remains an SD channel, but you will need have a Freeview HD receiver to watch it now.

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Ian: Yes, if you look at the Ofcom document it does lay out the costs and sets them against the benfits for the UK as a whole.

"We estimate that the economic cost of change will be between £550m - 660m. The full cash costs of the change (excluding opportunity costs and the value of time to retune TVs) amount to £430m-520m (2014 real terms)."

"We estimate the change will deliver benefits to the UK of at least £900m-1.3bn"


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