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Film 4
Wednesday 4 April 2012 10:57PM

After a couple of goes retuning my Sony I have got Channel 4 back, but Film 4 is now on channel 807 and Yesterday is on 816. I have the auto retune setup for overnight and am hoping that it wil sort itself out in time, maybe after 18th April when the power goes up, as suggested above.
Meanwhile my Russian made, reconditioned, £40 hard disk recorder from Maplin has retuned first time perfectly. Off the same aerial connection.
It seems Sonys were particularly bad back in 2009 when other regions went digital. Surely they should have resolved it by now.

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if you have lost channels such as 1, 2, 3, 4 etc have a look in the 800 range, I have found all my missing channels there.

I also have the autoscan switched on to run overnight when my telly (Sony) is in standby, the channels have changed both nights so far and I am hoping that after the 18th it will sort itself out.

But Sonys seem to be particularly bad at this which is not very good really.

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Joe, I hope they will return on the 18th...

You could try a manual retune, on my telly it is in the same menu as the digital retune, you will need to look up your transmitter (see right hand links on this website) and see what mux channels the missing channels are on (for example, BBC1 is on mux channel 23 from Crystal Palace) then in manual digital tuning select the required channel. This has put ITV3 etc into channel 8nn on my set.

Or go to Auto startup and select your language, location etc and it will do a digital retune then an analogue one - BBC1, ITV1, Ch4 and 5 are still available on analogue for now.

Then write to Sony and complain about their tuners.

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