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Stockland Hill (Devon, England) DAB transmitter

sa_gmapsGoogle mapsa_bingBing mapsa_gearthGoogle Earthsa_gps50.807,-3.106 or 50°48'25"N 3°6'20"W

This transmitter has no current reported problems

The BBC and Digital UK report there are no faults or engineering work on the Stockland Hill (Devon, England) transmitter.

UK Free TV shows the coverage area for a radio transmitter as a coloured overlay (orange for FM, other colours for DAB) on the grey map. We have computed the coverage by combining the terrain with the official radiation pattern. A single click will select the transmitter to view the coverage for a single site, and a double click goes to a page showing full details. Click on the buttons in the right-hand corner of the map to choose from different frequencies (or multiplexes for DAB).


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Friday, 5 December 2014
5:29 PM

I live in Torquay, should I be tuned to Stockland hill? I am unable to receive Motors TV on channel 71. Can you please advise. Thanks

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Colin's 1 post GB
Dave Lindsay

5:45 PM

Colin: It depends where you are in Torquay as possibilities vary due to the terrain.

If you are tuned to Stockland Hill then you won't get Motors TV as it's carried on the new quasi-national COM7 HD multiplex. Beacon Hill has it, this being closer to Torquay, although as I say it depends on the terrain between you and the transmitters as to which you might be in with a shot at.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB
Monday, 9 March 2015
9:07 PM

Hi - I have a hi end DAB in my car. I have been using DAB for 10 years so have got very used to the great signal all the way between Exmouth and Torquay. During the last 6 months I have been noticing a lot of signal drop out on the Exeter Side of Haldon Hill. I changed my car last week and get exactly the same drop outs. I did a trip to Bristol today and had problems up until Cullumpton then perfect the rest of the way. Is there something going on at Stockland Hill that may explain this?

Thanks Anthony

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Anthony's 1 post GB
Thursday, 22 October 2015
4:20 PM

Stockland Hill clearly reduce their booster power to save energy after 10/10.15pm at night! SO SO SO many times I have been mid film when it loses signal with checkered screen and stuttered talking - sometimes taking down the colour/contrast/brightness and flicking around helps but then it suddenly said signal problem.

IT HAPPENS SO OFTEN NOW IT IS A JOKE! ALWAYS SAME TIME> I Cannot watch itvbe/be1 moviemix, all the channels in 30/40's and film 4 die on me!


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dee's 1 post GB

5:21 PM

dee: The power output isn't changed at night on any TV transmitter. However, sometimes you can get strange interference from other sources that appear at specific times. Please see the Freeview intermittent interference page for how to fix it. Look for something on a timer such as light or security system.

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Briantist's 38,844 posts US

5:22 PM

dee: Except it doesn't - the BBC1 mux and others are on 50,000w, and logically, why would they 'turn down the power' at 10.15pm?

However, if your getting the same problem at 10.15pm every night, that points to dodgy aerial leads and a local problem, possibly a thermostat/timer with a dodgy switch in your house. Search for 'single source interference' on this site for details.

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB
Saturday, 14 May 2016
11:16 PM

Can anyone tell me and my neighbours when or if they will ever upgrade the Stockland Hill transmitter so we can receive all the HD channels please?
Thank-you from frustrated viewers in Babbacombe

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Jane's 1 post GB
Tuesday, 2 January 2018
Chris Irving
9:19 AM

Hello Here is an issue I have raised with a contact in Musbury. Any response will be appreciated. It is not an end of the world problem just very annoying.By the way the unit is a brand new Bose. Many thanks. Chris
Hi Gerrard
Have you heard on the grapevine if any Parishioners have experienced any
issues in this regard? I can receive transmission signals on my new unit BUT
oddly after the initial broadcast of say 1 or 2 minutes the signal cuts out for
say 10 or 15 seconds and then cuts back in. If I switch off and then back on
again the problem does not repeat. It does recur again the following day and
the day after etc. When I check the signal strength on the unit immediately
on initial operation and after the cut in the strength is between 98 and 100
which is excellent. When it cuts out it plummets to 25 or less. Even if I switch
stations when the cut out occurs the problem affects the new station
selected. I understand that the grouping of BBC signals are bundled in one
multiplex whatever that is. I am endeavouring to establish if my problem is
unique to me or if the issue is more widespread. I am aware that you can
have signal transmission strength tested but that does not appear to be
relevant. I am in correspondence with the unit manufacturer but so far no

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Chris Irving's 1 post GB

9:36 AM

Chris Irving:

If you are referring to reception of Freeview from Stockland Hill and have a signal strength of 98% -100% then you have too much signal; and that is causing your problems. Search this website for 'too much of a good thing' to see what you can do to reduce the excessivelt strong signals and get reliable reception again.

FYI, a multiplex is a single RF signal from the transmitter that is modulated with the information for several logical channels at the same time. There could the 8 or 9 such signals radiated from a main transmitter but generally a 'light' transmitter only radiates 3. Your TV set organises the logical channels it receives in an order that you can easily follow to find the programmes you want to watch and/or record in the EPG.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB
Wednesday, 29 January 2020
David George
9:54 AM

Last year I replaced my DAB radio and installed an external DAB aerial. This gave me excellent reception of the all BBC and commercial stations. Now Absolute radio is marginal and Absolute 80s is unlistenable due breaking up. I have checked the aerial, cables and retuned to no avail. The BBC radio station signal strength is also down by about 25%
My post code is EX15 1UR and the transmitter is Stockland Hill.
Any ideas what is going on?
Thank you

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David George's 4 posts GB
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